Jenn Sterger – The Pic That Started It All!

Here is the infamous photo and video below, who knew this would skyrocket her into fame?

Jennifer Sterger Pic of the Day: Pink Lingerie

This pic is absolute awesomeness.

Nice Article What Could Have Been With Jenn…

What if Jenn Sterger had worn something else that day? What if, back in September 2005, she’d decided to sweat it out in a pair of relaxed fit jeans and an FSU shirt she’d tie-dyed with Coors Light spills and KFC crumbs? Instead she went to a Florida State-Miami game in a bikini the size of a Walgreens receipt, aimed several ‘Whooooo!’ sounds toward a sideline camera, and — before that weekend was over — had become one of the most improbable celebrities this side of Susan Boyle’s unibrow.

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Jenn Sterger Maxim Video Shoot!

Enjoy it! We did! :)

Brett Favre Voicemails

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